[ Back 2 Basics ] How-to change or install xbmc/kodi skins

Hi guys here we are in a new series of Back2Basics this is going to be a series of guides, tutorials on how to learn from the start the basic changes in xbmc/kodi, here is the starter on this series how-to change skins these guides are simple as the title says Back2Basics i have based these on the new user for xbmc/kodi and hope they will help will all the questions the new user may have.

So let’s get started guys, firstly start up your xbmc/kodi media center follow the simple instructions as pictured below.

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Select System.


Ok after selecting system, select appearance.


Ok after selecting Appearance, select Skin.


Now select Skin in the right as pictured below


Now in the picture below you should be at this stage giving you the option of skins already installed, if you wish to install a new skin click on the Get More as in the picture below.


Now you will see ALL the available skins for download, use the slide bar to the right of the list to scroll down and see more.


Once you see a skin you wish to install, Click it to download and install it, once you click on a skin it will start downloading like in the pic below.


Once it finishes downloading and installing, it will ask you if you wish to keep the skin as pictured below.


Select yes to keep the skin and switch to it, or select No to keep the install and stay on your current skin, below is a pic of the skin from the main screen.


This skin is called Amber, it’s a mix between Aeon nox with a little confluence twist to it.

I hope this guide helped you out guys and this guide got you to where you wanted to be with your skins, please feel free to share this guide with the available social media sharing options to the left side of the page. I hope you find what guide you are looking for on the site and come back soon for more new and exciting guides to help you customize your setup to how you like it.

Updated: November 21, 2017 — 9:27 pm