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windows is a common OS build for pc’s, laptops and many other devices out there, this OS is designed to be easy to use for even the novice user, but being easy to use also makes the system easy to hack and infect, using anti-viruses and anti malware and anti spyware are also used to HELP prevent these types of things happening.

[How-To] Install Acestream & setup plexus on PC/Laptop

PLEXUS FIX SCROLL DOWN TO KODI REPO FOR LINK [How-To] Install Acestream & setup plexus on PC/Laptop IF INSTALLING ON WIN10 FOLLOW THIS GUIDE INCLUDING PLEXUS FIX THEN CLOSE KODI, START KODI AS ADMINSTRATOR. ONLY IF YOU GET Can’t Connect from ( plexus ) acestream do the above and all should work 🙂 Ok guys […]


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