Natko1412 Update about addons updates

Natko1412 tweeted today about addon updates.

So here we go guys this is an update from natko about why he has not been doing any updates on his add-ons lately, below is a tweet from natko1412.


Seem the guy is having trouble with finding free time to update add-ons in his repository, it is a sad day as recent events have seen quite a few devs leave add-ons and we are awaiting their return, now we have found out why castaway has been down with no updates recently and now we know why.

All i can say is hope all is well and we see a comeback soon and the down time of updates will be returned as many of you users enjoyed using the castaway add-on for many reasons.

For now i wish natko1412 all the best and hope he enjoys they break from kodi, WE ALL HOPE TO SEE YOU BACK SOON.

Updated: November 21, 2017 — 4:41 pm